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Awards of Happiness™ ️ Dragon Plus Employee Health Score

Collaborators answer one question a day for a year and organizations discover areas for improvement to increase motivation, outperform competitors and improve people’s happiness.

Benefits for your company

Listen to people

People can communicate with the company anonymously, confidentially and securely.

Daily work environment

Every day people answer a new question, and the organization knows the accumulated status of all answers.

Easy implantation

The platform is ready for organizations to start the assessment the same day.

Proven methodology

The 6 Ws bring together a global and holistic vision: Wellness, Wellbeing, Welldoing, Welleconomics, World and Work.

Anonymous and secure

Respondents' responses are anonymous, secure, and confidential. The organizations know the accumulated responses as well as the degree of participation.


For each of the 270 questions on the platform there is ongoing guidance for people to continue their training process.

Dragon Plus Employee Health Score

work environment + people + happiness at work

The Dragon Plus Employee Health Score allows listening to the people in your organization who want to improve and be more competitive based on the six Ws (Wellness, Wellbeing, Welldoing, Welleconomics, Work and World). During a year, the company discovers the fields of improvement so that its people are more motivated and can improve their performance, increasing the retention rate and organizational happiness. It also trains its collaborators with ideas, suggestions and advice.


Companies can opt for the free BASIC account for a year with ten collaborators or choose the PRO mode



Free for a year and 10 people.



3 USD per person per month.

Reasons for the usefulness of the Dragon Plus

Improves attraction and retention of people.

Teach and train through new ways of collaboration.

Work individually on team tasks.

Embrace the values ​​of diversity and inclusion.

Increase team motivation and purpose.

Train your collaborators every day of the year.

Improves motivation
Increases retention
New candidates
More training

How does it work

Start registration

Get started by registering as a leader in the BASIC account completely free of charge.

Add your collaborators

Add 10 collaborators for free and if you think you need to add more, upgrade your account to PRO.

Start responding

Your collaborators receive an email and after registering they will begin to answer the questions from the first day.

Analyze and make decisions

Immediately you will be able to check your control panel and the fields of improvement to make instant decisions in order to improve the organizational happiness of your collaborators.

Who are our clients?

Courageous organizations are our clients. Those who believe in the happiness of their employees by listening to their needs and fields for improvement.

Universal values

People and companies that defend the values ​​of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Fields of improvement

With the information generated by collaborators, companies create improvement projects to increase their motivation.

Competitive advantage

Companies that stake everything on their single competitive advantage: their motivated and purposeful collaborators.

Employer Branding

The reputational image of companies grows and attracts the best talent and an exceptional team.

Frequently asked questions

The Awards of Happiness™ Dragon Plus Employee Health Score platform measures the daily degree of happiness of a person or a group or organization and is composed of the 6 W pillars. The process to complete the 270 questions takes one year.

That all collaborators can express themselves freely and anonymously, answering the questions that the system proposes every day, so that the organization knows the climate of happiness at work and can take measures to improve the happiness of its collaborators.

Wellness, Wellbeing, Welldoing, Welleconomics, World and Work.
Each W is composed of 45 questions. The total is 270.

It evaluates the physical dimension of the health that generates corporal well-being and that allows people to be well, through a good state of general physical condition and a healthy lifestyle; which, in turn, allows you to enjoy an optimal physiological functioning of the body, without suffering from diseases or conditions.
It is composed of the sub pillars: Physical Activity, Rest and Nutrition.

It evaluates the psychic dimension of health that generates psychosocial well-being and that allows satisfactorily coping with personal and family life, working productively and contributing to the community of reference; through adequate emotional management on the affective level and adequate management of interpersonal relationships on the social level.
It is composed of the sub pillars: Consciousness, Learnability and Happiness.

It evaluates the moral dimension of health that generates spiritual well-being based on ethical behavior and that allows doing Good in the social interactions that the person maintains with their environment.
It is composed of the sub pillars: Awareness, Goodness and Inner Smile.

It evaluates the physical dimension of financial health that allows people to be well, through a good state of efficiency, liquidity and the solvency of their financial decisions.
It is composed of the sub pillars: Efficiency, Liquidity, Solvency.

It evaluates the social dimension of health that generates community well-being and contributes to the positive transformation of the world in terms of justice, solidarity, equality, equity and environmental sustainability.
It is composed of the sub pillars: DIE, Social and Green Spirit.

It evaluates the psychosocial and ergonomic dimension of occupational health that avoids professional discomfort and contributes to the generation of job satisfaction through the prevention of psychosocial risks in its triple individual, job and organizational dimension.
It is composed of the sub pillars: Team, Leader and Workplace.

There are 270 questions and a new one is suggested every day.
If the person finds that they have questions to answer, they answer them whenever they want. They will never be able to answer more questions than the system prompts.

Yes, they can. In addition, the person knows that the next day the system will propose a new question to answer.

Only the group leader knows the accumulated responses and the degree of participation, but he cannot know what they have answered since the answers are anonymous.

The person answers the questions that the system proposes and measures their Employee Health Score Index.

Every day, the system randomly proposes one and each person receives a different question then the others. 

The leader knows how many questions each of the people in the group answered, but he does not know what they answered as the answers are anonymous.

No, because the responses are anonymous.
In short, they know the degree of participation, but they never know what answers belong to which collaborators.

There are two fundamental reasons.
The first is so that the person knows and controls their index and can take measures. And the second reason is the organization knows the accumulated result of the responses of collaborators that compose the group and use those statistics to improve.

The Dragon Plus Employee Health Score is not a substitute for any medical study that people want or need to do. Nor is it intended to impersonate or give medical information.